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Birthdate:Apr 9
Character: Yuna
Series: Final Fantasy X/ X-2
Version: X-2, Right Before the Vegnagun Fight
Age: 19
Gender: female
Sexuality: generally straight
General Info
Yuna's hair is short, brown, and spikes out slightly at the ends, sloping away from her shoulders. A long, thick pink hair wrap attaches in the back and falls all the way to her ankles. It's a wonder she never steps on it. Her eyes are two-toned, with the left one being blue and the right one being green (a sign of her half Al Bhed lineage). Hanging from her right ear is a colorful earring made of multi-colored beads (mostly blue, though). She also wears a small, silver necklace with a flower bell into the middle.

Her clothes change depending on which dressphere she's activated at the time. Her default is Gunner and that is the look she takes most often, particularly when she's running around. The top of this outfit is white and could pass as strapless if not for the string holding it to the pink hood situated around her neck. White string also holds the top together above the empty space where a black Zanarkand symbol barely covers the middle of her chest and stomach. Yellow bracers around her biceps that lace up on the inside and a black wrap around her left wrist act as arm guards of sorts. Around her waist, yellow rope wraps around the bottom of the white top, and pink lace attaches to the bottom of the top, leaving just enough room for skin to show between it and her short jean shorts. Around her hips rests a tan belt with blue buckles. Attached to the belt is a pouch, where she keeps trinkets and things that she needs (read: her garment grids), and also the holsters for her guns (because I don't do hammerspace). Tied together on her right hip and resting under the belt is a blue and white ripple half-skirt that falls to just above her ankles. Her boots are black lace-up knee-highs.

The Gun Mage outfit is similar, and yet very different. Most of this dressphere is a deep purple in color, starting with the high neck to the halter top, though it's lined in white. White circles rest above and directly below her chest. The sleeves of the outfit are purple, unnattached to the rest of the shirt. Resting directly on her hips, a dark belt lined in white holds the half-skirt on her body. A line of light blue fabric crosses from her right hip down and around, also showing up at the bottom, and is held on by yellow buttons at the top. The blue pieces, like the gun that comes with the outfit, show off what appears to be Al Bhed script. Between the blue pieces is purple fabric. The boots she wears are knee-high and purple aside from the strips of grayish armor across her feet.

Songstress is showy, as it should be, and very purple. The top is sleeveless, purple, with white ruffles around the neck and down the front, hiding the clasps that keep it together. On the left side attached to the bottom of the top, blue-gray ruffles fall across her hip almost down to her knee. A really short black miniskirt is practically hidden under that. Her arms are covered by sheer purple fabric that's tied on at her wrists and elbows by ribbon that criss-crosses around her upper arms. Light brown and tan knee-high boots complete the ensemble.

The Black Mage seems to be an Al Bhed rendition of the evil dark witch, complete with wide-brimmed witch's hat. Yuna's is the same color purple as her Gun Mage top with a strip of hot pink curled around it where the brim meets the top cone. Clipped to the sides by silver rings are pink rectagles that fall to around her shoulders. Once again, the sleeves aren't attached to the top, leaving skin showing where one would think fabric should be. Said sleeves start out as purple in color, but are covered by brownish armor from the middle of her upper arms down to her wrists. Her hands are covered by black fishnet. Yellow beads hang off the purple sleeves, eight in total. The purple top is really a dress that flows down her body underneath other things and ends in a skirt with a slit up the right side. Around her waist is more of that brownish armor. Across her hips and down to her knee are five pink panels that serve as strange armor and are held in place by yellow buttons, one on each leg per panel. Her legs are covered by pink fabric starting at around the middle of her calves and end in a flare at her ankles. Her shoes are black lined with white and curl up at the toes.

White Mage is the traditional healer-type, so almost everything is white. The outfit consists of two long mostly-white robes that fall to mid-calf with a small slit on the sides of the underrobe coupled with white boots. Judging by Paine's, the boots are thigh-highs. The hood is also white, lined with red and purple strips with yellow crescent moons over the strips. A red strip crosses around her neck on the overrobe and drapes down her front to around her hips, where it crosses over and heads back up the other side. Yellow half-circles are placed all over the red strip. Across the top of the underrobe is a blue panel with green circles on it and at the sides of the overrobe, reaching up to her hips and back down, is another blue panel; this one is without green circles. Her long, white sleeves end in red and purple, accentuated by the yellow flames on the wrist cuffs, and her hands are covered with white gloves.

The Lady Luck dressphere is just what it sounds like: full of luck and good fortune. At the top it starts out purple with fabric curled around her neck. What could pass as sleeves covers only a little of the top of her arms, not even enough to hide her shoulders, and her gloves are the same color. Panels of the fabric fall down her front and back, one panel on each side of her body. Around her knees, the "dress" turns from pink to purple and it ends at her ankles, just below the tops of her purple boots. The dress holds itself together with vertical panels: one even with her chest, one at her hips, one mid-thigh, one behind her knees, and one at the bottom. In between these panels is nothing but air and skin. Across her neckline and hips where a necklace and belt might be are lines of round, gold Sphere Break coins. A black spade decorates the middle of her chest, and down the thighs of both legs, enscripted in the fabric, is more Spiran or Al Bhed script.

Yuna's mascot is a tan moogle suit, complete with orange nose, red pompom at the top, and pink wings at the back.

The Floral Fallal dressphere makes Yuna look a bit like a flower. The back portion of the resulting outfit is a large purple and yellow flower blossom. At the top, three ovaline pistils act as her weapons, casting and attacking for her. She stands in the middle of this, wearing a white strapless outfit that's a lot like her Lady Luck outfit as far as shape goes. White mid-calf boots and a massive amount of floating white fabric behind her complete the flower / angelic looking ensemble.

For so long Yuna was expected to be proper, to know what to say and when, and to be Spira's hope and guidance. She had to be kind and supportive, brave and courageous, all at once. She did it well, knowing that she would be sacrificing herself for the good of all. Two years later, she is much freer in her personality. Gone are the days where she has to be perfect, though she still has the mentality of wanting to help anyone who needs it. If the High Summoner can deliver, she will. Yuna is extremely dedicated and once she sets her mind to something, she will go through with it no matter what. She perseveres through more adversity than the average person goes through and she's learned how to lean on her friends when she needs support. She's not afraid of using them to help her, though she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve. As Auron once said, she's a poor liar and easy to read. Despite her determination, she's a bit of a doormat. It's difficult for her to say no to a person in need or a friend who needs her advice or help. She's particularly protective of those she cares about and believes in second chances.

Despite this, she has garnered her own strength and independence. If she's angered, she can take the heat and stand up for what she believes in. Her faith may be shattered, but her feet will never stray from their chosen path unless she believes it is the right thing to do. (This is what happened to her faith in Yevon after the events at Bevelle.) Her loyalty is extremely strong as well, and she would do anything for her friends, even sacrifice herself.
Appearance and Personality
Yuna's weapons are attached to her dresspheres, old spheres that an Al Bhed friend of hers shaped to hold powers inside, both magical and clothing. The dresspheres rest inside two garment grids that Yuna is in possession of when she arrives: Supreme Light and Megiddo. Megiddo has the dresspheres Songstress, Gun Mage, White Mage, Lady Luck, and Gunner. Supreme Light has Lady Luck, Mascot, Black Mage, Songstress, and Gunner. Floral Fallal is her special dressphere and isn't attached to either garment grid. To use Floral Fallal, Yuna must switch through every dressphere on one of the grids, thus activating her special dressphere. This is quite a hassle so she doesn't do it unless absolutely necessary.

Weapons / dressphere abilities here

Personality wise, Yuna is extremely sweet and kind, serving as a great friend, mentor, anything she can be for whoever needs her. She's determined and will put her mind to any cause she deems worthy (read: everything). Once she does, she won't back down from it and will follow through with it no matter what happens. She's particularly adamant and protective when it comes to her friends and those she cares about.

Weaknesses: Plain and simple, Yuna is a doormat. She has a really hard (re: nearly impossible) time with telling people no, so she tends to get talked into helping or doing work for people no matter what it is or who is asking. She's a sucker for kind words or a good sob story in particular. She tries to hide her feelings sometimes, feigning happiness with a smile when she's feeling down, but if one knows her well enough, they can see right through her (read: Auron). Deep inside, she's afraid of losing her friends, believing herself to be of not much use without them.
Abilities / Weaponry / Strengths / Weaknesses
Yuna was born in a large city called Bevelle, the center of the religion of Yevon. When she was seven, her father Braska became a summoner, wanting to rid the world of Sin and suffering, even if only for a short time. Yuna was so delighted when she heard the news that her father had defeated Sin, until night fell and she realized she would never see him again. As she mourned her loss, Kimahri, a young Ronso who had heard Auron's dying wish as he crawled down Mount Gagazet from Zanarkand, appeared to take her to Besaid, where she could live a quiet childhood, as per her father's wishes. Kimahri attempted to leave after he had brought Yuna there, but she begged him not to go and so he relented, staying to watch as she grew up. Kimahri, alongside Lulu and Wakka, watched over Yuna. When she announced that she would follow in her father's footsteps and become a summoner, they tried to stop her, but in the end she did it anyway.

Leaving the Chamber of the Fayth in the Besaid Temple was where she met Tidus. He'd found his way through, thinking that the summoner inside was in danger. Later, she thanked him for his help, though they weren't allowed much time to talk. Since Wakka was taking Tidus to Luca, he joined them on the first stop of Yuna's pilgrimmage, Kilika. On the boat ride there, Yuna discovered that Tidus' father had disappeared from Zanarkand on the same day that Jecht came to Spira. Tidus' father was one of Braska's guardians. Yuna thought this was quite amazing and that Yevon must have played a part in it. She was sorely disappointed when Tidus voiced his hatred of his father, having come to the conclusion as a child that Sir Jecht was a kind and gentle man. However, they weren't given much time to discuss this as Sin made its presence known and a small battle between it and Yuna's guardians occured as the group tried to slow it down or get it to stop. Sin ignored them, breaking free of the harpoons and completely demolishing the island of Kilika.

Being the only summoner there, Yuna was asked to perform the sending, which she did willingly and gracefully. The next morning, the group made their way to Kilika Temple where they met Dona and Barthello. Yuna was berated by Dona for having too many guardians, but quickly rose to the challenge, being strong in her conviction that one can never have too many friends. She trusted all of them, even the new one. Along the way to the Temple, she had voiced the opinion of keeping Tidus near. She wanted him to be her guardian, like his father was to hers, but she couldn't ask him outright since he hated his father so much. Unfortunately, Wakka still considered Tidus too green and so he was just a companion through that, even with the Sinspawn battle near the temple.

They returned from the temple, Yuna having received the aeon Ifrit, and headed for Luca. On the way, Yuna and Tidus bonded a little more over their shared knowledge of Tidus' father and they came to understand each other just a little bit more. In Luca, they met Maester Seymour Guado and Grand Maester Mika before Yuna, Kimahri, and Tidus run off in search of Sir Auron, who had been seen in the cafe. During a distraction between Kimahri and two other Ronso, Yuna wass kidnapped by the Al Bhed. Tidus, Kimahri, and Lulu rescued her and afterwards Yuna revealed that she was actually half-Al Bhed, a fact Wakka didn't know at the time. After the blitzball game was over, the group made their way to the entrance to the Mi'ihen Highroad, where both Auron and Tidus offered to become Yuna's guardians. Rather, Auron offered for the both of them. Yuna accepted graciously, floored that Sir Auron would want to be her guardian, promise to her father or no.

The group continued down the Highroad, meeting people and smiling, until they reached the Al Bhed shop, where Sir Auron practically forced a rest break until morning. Yuna took this time to sit by the cliff facing the sunset. She'd known since her father became a summoner what it meant in the end and she'd brought a sphere to record her voice, her wishes, and her thoughts in along the journey. She made what she thought was a good start, but what ended up being the only parts of the sphere she ever recorded. Toward the end, at a part where she was just talking of her growing feelings for Tidus, she messed up the wording and in an attempt to redo it, she was interrupted by none other than her newest guardian. Hiding the sphere before he could see, she smiled at him and they talked a little. The next morning, they awoke to a new threat: a chocobo eater. Defeating it left them free to wander further on their pilgrimage.

At the gate to the Mushroom Rock Road, they encountered problems. The Crusaders, a group dedicated to fighting Sin, weren't letting anyone through the gate until Operation Mi'ihen had been completed. Turning to head to a place where they could wait, Yuna's group ran into Seymour again. A small talk led to a request for their passage, made by Seymour himself. They were allowed through after that and followed him up to the "Command Center," where they discovered that the Crusaders and the Al Bhed were planning on using machina to defeat Sin. The operation was an intense failure, many lives were lost, and Yuna stayed up late into the night healing the injured and sending the fallen. They took a stop at Djose Temple, not far from Mushroom Rock Road, where Yuna acquired the aeon Ixion. She slept in the next morning, however, and had to endure teasing for her "bed hair" because of it. This provided a few much-needed laughs, however forced they may have been.

Along the moonflow, they took the shoopuff and Yuna was kidnapped for a second time. After an underwater battle, she was rescued and they made their crossing. On the other shore, Rikku was found and she became Yuna's final guardian, despite being an Al Bhed. The group trekked onward to Guadosalam, where Seymour took them into his home. Here, he proposed to Yuna, asking her to take him as her strength. She had no response for a while, but by the time anyone wanted to speak with him again, he had moved onward to Macalania Temple. So they followed. Yuna was conflicted on the topic of the proposal for the whole time, though at the Thunder Plains shop, she asked for a private room, where she watched a sphere she received from the spirit of former Maester Jyscal. in this sphere, she learned that Seymour had killed his own father and that Jyscal feared for Spira if Seymour was not stopped soon. Vowing to do this unhappy deed herself, Yuna did not tell any of her guardians what she was planning to do, though she did tell them she would marry Seymour. Tidus wasn't happy, but she confirmed that she would still go through her pilgrimmage and so no one else objected.

Macalania Temple was next, where Yuna and Seymour went through the Cloister of Trials together. She hadn't expected for anyone to go through her things, but one of the temple staff did. The sphere was played and this caused her guardians to come for her. They reached the Chamber of the Fayth moments before she exited and confirmed Seymour's suspicion that she had known what he had done to his father. She surprised him after that by informing him that she had come to stop him and if it took marriage, then so be it. A battle ensued from that and the group literally killed Seymour. However, he was far from gone. Yuna didn't perform his sending right away, as she should have, taking pity on how things had ended. This allowed the Guado to come for him. They called Yuna's group traitors and carted Seymour's body off. The escape from Macalania Temple was difficult, but escape they eventually did, even though a fight with the Guado over the ice caused the ice to break, sending the summoner and her guardians to the bottom of frozen Lake Macalania. Here, they discovered Sin listening to the Hymn of the Fayth before it moves, sending them to Bikanel Island. Yuna made it to the Al Bhed Home, but was captured by Guado not long after. She was taken to Bevelle, where she was forced to marry Seymour or risk the monks killing her guardians. When he gave the order anyway, she backed to the edge of the tall building, telling him that she'd jump to her death if he didn't let her friends go. He did so, both showing distaste for the other's methods, and Yuna told her guardians to run before letting herself fall backwards off the edge. Hurtling to certain death by suicide, she called Valefor and was saved so she could head to the Chamber of the Fayth inside the Bevelle Temple. She made it in, got the aeon Bahamut, and was carried out by Tidus, where they were all arrested.

A trial was held in Bevelle and it was here that she gained her first world-turning shake: Grand Maester Mika showed that he was an unsent as well as Maester Seymour now. Yuna was branded a traitor by the Grand Maester and sentenced to death by the Via Purifico, a series of labyrinthine tunnels that no one had ever escaped from before. She and her guardians, however, did so, and escaped to Macalania again, after a run-in with unsent Seymour. In a lake tucked away in the woods, she and Tidus talked about what she could do if she quit her pilgrimage and where they would go, but she knew she couldn't go through with that. Her loyalty to the people of Spira was too much and she'd never be able to live with herself. Tidus comforted her with a kiss and the promise that he would always be with her.

With renewed strength, despite her shaken faith in all she once held dear, Yuna led her guardians through the Calm Lands and up to Mount Gagazet. At the top of the mountain, they ran into Seymour yet again. Defeating him allowed them to continue and they quickly made their way further. At the very peak, they stopped to rest and to think. On the other side was Zanarkand and Yuna's certain death. They eventually made their way through, but once in the long-dead city, they discovered that the Final Summoning was "a false tradition that should be thrown away." Determined to end the sacrificing of summoners and guardians for something that had no end this way, Yuna led her guardians in the defeat of Lady Yunalesca, thus ending the Final Summonign forever. Not long after, the group devised a plan to defeat Sin, and Yu Yevon the god controlling Sin, from the inside out. They did so and Yuna was forced to kill all of her aeons so that the fayth would stop dreaming. As if killing her friends wasn't bad enough, she also lost Tidus, who was a dream of the fayth. Just before he left, he held her from behind and she told him she loved him. And then he was gone.

She returned to Luca and whistled for all she was worth until Lulu came to get her so she could give her speech to Spira. Never forget.

Two years later, she became a sphere hunter with Rikku and Paine, traveling all over Spira in search of spheres that would tell of their planet's past. Largely, Yuna's decision to join the Gullwings was fueled by the sphere of a blonde male Rikku found. He looked oddly like Tidus and Yuna couldn't turn down the opportunity to find him again, assuming it existed.

In Chapter 1, the Gullwings track a few treasure spheres, most notably the one in Kilika, a stolen sphere that shows the man talking about a woman named Lenne. This sphere is eventually given to the Youth League (though this is player choice), causing New Yevon to dislike them from hereon out. Towards the end of Chapter 2, the group goes down to Bevelle's Chamber of the Fayth, where the first sphere was found, and are confronted by the first of the Dark Aeons, Bahamut. In Chapter 3, the group goes to defeat Valefor, Ifrit, and Ixion, the latter of whom ends up knocking Yuna into the Farplane. She actually meets the person from the spheres now and learns that it isn't Tidus. This one is called Shuyin. Following a set of whistles after that meeting, Yuna is led back to Spira. In Chapter 4, Yuna holds a concert for the people of Spira in an effort to bring them all together and hope that they will end the needless fighting and squabbling. Shinra, maker of the dresspheres, constructs a screen so that the people at the back can see the performance, but the Songstress dressphere reacts, causing the screen to project images of Lenne and Shuyin. Speaking to Shinra after the concert, Yuna learns that Lenne's essence is still inside the dressphere. Not long after, the Gullwings make their way down to the Farplane, where they will fight Vegnagun, the huge weapon that Shuyin has been trying to reawaken in an effort to punish Spira for what it did to himself and Lenne. Yuna is a path away from her final goal when she's knocked over by a fiend, hit over the head, and thus finding herself in Paixao.
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